Day 1 – Your sexual orientation or gender identity. Be creative in your definition.

My sexual orientation likes somewhere between “homoflexible” and “on the Gay side of Bisexual,” and “Masculine?-Oriented Pansexual.” Somewhere around a Kinsey 4.5. “Kinky” is also part of my sexual identity, since it’s another category for which people are marginalized, and for which we often need to come out.

As far as gender identity, I’m pretty decidedly male. Generally present as fairly masculine, though in my college days I often played with my presentation in a way that while not traditionally masculine, is now not uncommon in pop culture for some men to do. Things like what we now call Guy-Liner, occasional nail-polish, I would deliberately go for a more androgynous look when I went to places like fetish balls.

It doesn’t specifically ask this, but I think it’s important that I also include my relationship orientation of Polyamorous. I have three primary Partners, and someone who is more of a “festival friend” or as one of the co-hosts on Polyamory Weekly refers to it, a “Play-Pause” relationship, who I am at least still in online contact with throughout the year.