Yeah, I missed a whole chunk of these, I mostly just got caught up in other things and didn’t get enough posts planned ahead to make sure they kept going.  Rather than keep putting off posting because the task of catching up is daunting, I’m just going to go ahead and pick up for these last few days.

Day 27 – Your favorite LGBT blog/tumblr/site

I don’t really have a favorite LGBT Blog or Tumblr.  None of the Blogs that I follow are gay ones, they tend to focus on things like Roman Paganism, Minimalism, Tiny Houses, Gardening, and Homesteading.  And Tumblr is pretty much just for porn for me.

As far as LGBT sites, I could probably go with the hookup or social sites like manhunt, adam4adam, recon, or fetlife.  Other than that, I mean my Facebook newsfeed is pretty queer, does that count?