I actually took “The First Oath” years ago, back when I was still a member of Silver Falls Grove.  I haven’t seen a need to re-do this portion of the program when I restart, as I’ve not broken the oath that I took, nor has it changed.

Week 2


Both required readings were done this week. These included “The First Oath” section from Our Own Druidry, as well as Chanting the First Oath Everyday by Brandon.  I do not intend to pursue chanting the first oath on a daily basis. I also completed the Recommended reading from Ceisiwr Serith’s A Book of Pagan Prayer. I have continued reading Robert Turcan’s The Gods of Ancient Rome.

Meditation Log

I completed 10-minute meditations every morning this week, which were all simple four-fold breath meditations.  I also completed a 30-minute meditation on Wednesday evening at the Boston Tea Room. This time we went to the earlier guided meditation instead of the silent one. I find that I much prefer the silent meditation. The person leading the guided meditation was much too slow for me at certain points, and we didn’t really get much guidance beforehand as to what we should expect to do during the meditation, so the visualizations I was having had to keep getting changed to accommodate the next step in her guidance.  I found it frustrating, and in the future, I will try to stick with the silent meditations, so I can move at my own pace.

Ritual Log

My daily Lararium Rites were all completed this week.  Friday was the Nones of July, so an additional offering to Iuno Covella was made as part of my rite


As I said in the Intro to this post, I took my first oath several years ago.  But for the sake of completeness, I’m including the oath that I took here. It was performed during one of our High Day rites at Silver Falls Grove.  I do not remember which high day it was, but I believe it was either the late summer High Day or the Fall Equinox.  My offering was in all likelihood both loose incense and a glass of wine.  I also made an offering of my old Staff, which I had been directed to do by Minerva.

I Drake Collins, son of Valerie Roxbury and Robert Collins do declare that I am a neopagan, a follower of the old gods and the new ways. I seek to know my own spirit and the three realms. So in order to set out upon the path, on Lapis Juppiter and before Fidus I swear these things:

That I will strive to live a life in pursuit of virtue.  I will strive to live in Prudentia, Veritas, and Industria. That I will strive always to keep Pietas. I will observe proper rites and works and seek to perfect my personal practice.

That I will work to learn all I can about the Old Ways so that I may better understand the new. I will study the remnants and seek the opinions of learned people so that my work may be strengthened.

Before the kindreds and those assembled here,  these things I swear. Ita est!