Completed the required reading of Our Own Druidry: Concerning the Reading of Books and writing a book review.  Continued to Read The Gods of Ancient Rome by Robert Turcan.  I am currently in the third portion of the book, dealing with the religions of the empire.  It’s a lot less interesting to me personally than the first section that dealt with the religions of the individual families, but I’m progressing through it.  Once I finish this read through I plan to go again, progressing more attentively, writing my book review as I go along.

Meditation Log

I have continued my daily 10-minute meditation, Though I did miss on a couple of days.  One because I apparently forgot to set my alarm and woke up late, missing my entire magical morning, and one was on Thursday, when I didn’t do the 10-minute meditation, but I did do a half-hour meditation while I was doing my nature work.  The 10-minute meditations this week were sound-focused, where I was trying to simply listen openly to the sounds around me without working to identify them, just to experience the sound around me.  (I should probably say by now that I’ have been following the different techniques in the book 8-Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change your Life by Victor Davich)

I also attended the 30-Minute silent meditation at the Boston Tea Room on Wednesday.  I was anxious about the Job Interview that I had on Thursday, and while the meditation wasn’t a particularly spiritual experience for me, it did help alleviate some of the anxiety that I was dealing with that day.

Ritual Log

My daily Lararium Rites have continued, and I have basically been doing the entire rite completely from memory at this point. I have been considering either starting to alter the words to make a more involved rite, or starting the work of translating the whole thing into Latin, and memorizing that piece by piece.

The Summer Cross-Quarter is coming up on Tuesday, and I’ve been working on getting that rite written.

Nature Awareness


Fawns encountered on the trail 7/27/17

I went back to the wooded park again this week, and spent about an hour and a half there. A decent part of it was spent walking the trails, but I also spent about half an hour sitting on a log and meditating.  I also encountered more animals this time.  I first ran into a trio of fawns on the trail, who were grazing on the woods.  I encountered a couple of garter snakes, and then later on I eventually came across the Doe that was with the three fawns.  Plant-wise, I think I may have found an Elderberry, but I haven’t used the photos yet to try and search.


The homework this week is basically to start reading the Hearth Culture book. I have already been reading my Hearthculture book, and I’m hoping to finish the first readthrough over the next week or two.  After that, my plan is to try and sit down and re-read a 10-page section at a time, and write a sentence or two about each section as I go.  that should easily meet the word requirement for the Book review.