Vulcanalia Altar

Salve Vulcanus Pater, Father Vulcan,

Salve Vulcanus Mulciber, Vulcan at work

Salve Vulcanus Quietus, Vulcan at rest

Lord of volcanoes,

You who understand submerged wrath,

Help us to keep ours in check.

Lord of work,

You who understand its balm to the soul,

Help us to learn the joys of focused labor.

Lord of craft,

You whose fire tempers iron into steel,

You who understand what it is to be crippled,

Beat our will strong and straight again

That the sign of your hammer

May be imprinted in everything we make.

Lord who is the strong iron of competence

And the driving blows of manifestation,

May your hands guide us into honorable work.

Hail Vulcan Mulciber, Charmer of Fire!

Hail Vulcan Quietus; may your gift of tame fire

Stay tame enough not to harm our houses!

May your flames warm us, inspire us

And never burn beyond their borders,

So long as we give you the proper respect.

Vulcanus Pater, Accept our Sacrifice!

(adapted from the Pagan Book of Hours)