natalis altarRite Celebrated: Dies Natalis (My Birthday ritual)

Location: In my home

Date Celebrated: August 25, 2017 at 11:00 PM

Who Led the Rite:  It was a solitary rite by myself.

Gatekeeper: Janus

Dieties of the Occasion: Vulcanus Pater, Minerva Mater, Hekate Phosphoros, Puma Concolor, Schorl, Juglans Nigra

Natalis OmenOmen Method: Stone Sortilege set

Omen: Orange Calcite (Friendship, Revitalization, Emotional healing) Stromatolite (Eternity, Past Lives, Removing Blockages), Dragonfire Agate (Truth, Perfection, Power), Quartz (Clarity, Amplification, Focus), Red Tiger Eye (Courage, Resolve, Self-Confidence).  Unlike my usual drawing three stones, I decided to grab a handful and cast them to read as they lay.  The Orange Calcite and Stromatolite landed together, and I interpret this as both a revitalization of my practice, and a return to my spirituality that I have been undertaking for this past couple of months, which will continue through this next year.  The Dragonfire Agate, Quartz, and Red Tourmaline clustered together in an arc, which I interpret as if I will maintain Focus and Resolve, my power will continue to grow, and will be used in the right way.

Any Magical workings done or Oaths Taken: No oaths were taken.  No magical workings were done, only offering of thanks to my various allies, and asking that their aid continue.  While it is an appropriate time for oaths, I didn’t have any that I felt the need to take at this time.

Impressions/Other Comments/Notes:  I have been wanting to do a Dies Natalis ritual for years, but have never managed to get it pulled together in time.  While even this one was a bit rushed for me, I am glad that I have finally done it.  The Dies Natalis of the Paterfamilias is a key part of Roman Domestic Cultus, and it’s something that I’ve definitely been missing.  I hope that next year I will have the foreplanning to also prepare libum, as they are a traditional offering along with the incense and wine for the Dies Natalis.  I also would like to do more research in the coming year into the form that the ritual took. I had access to one academic article talking about Roman birthday rituals, but it focused on the rituals that were performed by clients for their patrons, and by the people for the emperor in the later period.  It references poetry and other writings that talk about Roman Birthday rituals performed for the self, but I wasn’t able to find the actual pieces they were referencing yet.